The Redhurst Hotel
Wedding Piper

Piping Services Scotland are proud to be the bagpipe suppliers for Manorview’s stunning Redhurst Hotel.

Please have a quick read to find out how we can provide the finishing touch to your luxury wedding celebrations.

Use your piper to:
• Welcome the guests as they arrive at The Redhurst Hotel.
• Highlight the arrival of the Bridal Party by car or leading to the entrance.
• Create the musical setting for going down the Aisle.
• Lead the cheers for the Newlyweds coming back up the aisle.
• Lead the Happy Couple out onto the balcony for photos.
• Playing leading the Top Table into the Meal.
• Playing leading the Married Couple to the top table.

There are additional options below for including a separate wedding venue, or even welcoming evening guests…

Redhurst Bagpiper
Piper and Groom exchanging a Slàinte mhath

You can book through The Redhurst Hotel its self. Your piper will be added to your package, and payment would be made to the hotel. We will sort out the finer details with you.

Prices for the wedding piper services at the Hotel are:

2023 – £220
2024 – £225
2025 – £235
2026 – £255
Often couples would like to select tunes, especially if using the piper for going down and up the aisle.  Normally on the day the only slow tunes might be for going down the aisle, and bridal arrival if necessary. Everything else is normally more cheery and up-tempo.

You can listen to recordings at:


Additional Options include adding in a separate wedding venue (see next section below) for just £50; or if you have a lot of evening quests, have them welcomed for £100!

Wedding Piper in action

If you wish to add a separate ceremony venue, such as a church, this is only a £50 supplement, subject to distance. If it’s anything over 30 minute’s drive away we can check if there is any more required.

The two venue package would include:

 • Welcome the guests as they arrive for your ceremony.
• Welcome the arrival of the Bridal Party.
• Play for going down the aisle.
• Lead the cheers for the Newlyweds coming back up the aisle.
• Provide a background performance before guests go to Busby.
• Welcome the guests as they arrive at The Redhurst Hotel
• Welcome the wedding party to the reception.
• Playing leading the Top Table into the Meal.
• Playing leading the Bride and Groom to the top table, via the cake cutting.

Drop a quick message and we can tell you exactly what your piper can provide for your big day.

Unforgettable Wedding Moments with Our Redhurst Hotel Wedding Bagpiper Packages


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