Performers Guidelines 2021

Performer’s Guidelines

Last updated March 31, 2021


Thank you for agreeing to represent Piping Services Scotland.

We are committed to providing premium services to customers in a fair manner to performers, in order to ensure that everyone is keen to work with us in the future. If you have any questions or concerns about our policy or our practices please don’t hesitate to discuss with us. We are keen to improve constantly. What we may feel to be fair we appreciate may not be what you do and we will be happy to review.

There’s quite a few points, virtually all common sense, some quite handy. Like if a drunk guy insists to play your pipes, you know it’s in our terms and conditions, we don’t care if he’s the groom or not.

At the top conduct on the day, this is because we from time to time have a word back from the client, ‘where is he’, it happens. The object is to reduce stress on you, us and the client, whilst explaining a couple of common uncertainties.


  1. Conduct on the Day
  2. Uniform & Equipment
  3. Payments
  4. Data Protection

1. Conduct on the day

  • Ensure you arrive in plenty of time. Plan ahead and check for traffic.
  • The “Start” on performance sheets denotes the ceremony start time where applicable. Assume you have to be ready to commence performance for the “Meet” time unless the details explain different. Always aim to be in place comfortably before the meet time without exception.
  • Tuning if possible should be done before arrival. Though it will be necessary periodically, please do this discretely and considerately. Customers are not solo competition judges, we have had a vast amount of complaints regarding this over the years.
  • If cigarette or phone communication breaks are required, please do this out of sight of clients. Keep to an absolute minimum.
  • Between performances ensure that you can easily be found. Ensure co-ordinators, clients and any relevant others know where you are. Do not rely on a time from a member of staff or client, these are frequently inaccurate (“when are they going into dinner” for a wedding is frequently misconstrued, between leading top table in and when the dinner is served, which can be an hour apart).
  • In nearly all venues there is somewhere you can sit peacefully.
  • You absolutely cannot and will not be found in your car, this has to be our biggest complaint. If you feel it is necessary make very sure you can be found by all relevant individuals.
  • No alcohol consumption whatsoever whilst at a booking. The only exception is for a toast, which it is your choice. There are always alternatives. If you don’t want it, don’t drink it. If you consume alcohol remember you are solely responsible for everything thereafter.
  • Please be as flexible as possible with bookings, virtually all weddings will run late. If you have to be away by a specific time, please tell us in advance, the job may not be suitable for you. Any sizable change on the day may be chargeable. This is negotiable between yourself and the client.
  • You are not permitted to make any bookings directly with the client or booking agent for a period of 12 months after performance. Should this be broken, any monies made will be payable to Piping Services Scotland.
  • As a representative of the company, any enquiries as a result of this booking should be referred back to Piping Services Scotland.
  • We have lost clients through performers we have put in place in the past. We aim to help both performers and clients in fulfilling entertainment, please work together with us on this.

2. Uniform and Equipment

  • The standard uniform for performing at events for pipers and drummers should be one of three types, unless otherwise stated:
  • Argyll (or Standard Day Wear/Pipe Band Uniform)
    Glengarry Hat, Argyll Jacket & Waistcoat, Shirt (full collar), Tie (straight), Kilt (plus Kilt Pin), Waist Belt, Semi Dress Sporran, Kilt Hose, Garter Flashes, Sgian Dhu and Ghillie Brogues.
  • Prince Charlie (or Standard Dress Uniform)
    Prince Charlie Jacket & Waistcoat, Shirt (wing collar), Bow Tie, Kilt (plus Kilt Pin), Waist Belt (optional), Dress Sporran, Kilt Hose, Garter Flashes, Sgian Dhu, Ghillie Brogues.
  • No.1 Uniform (or Full Military Uniform)
    Feather Bonnet with Hackle, Bandsman’s Tunic, Piper’s Plaid (3.5 m), Brooch, Cross Belt, Waist Belt, Dirk (optional), Kilt (plus Kilt Pin), Horse Hair Sporran, Checked or Tartan Hose, Garter Flashes, Sgian Dhu, Spats (white) and Brogues
  • Where no specific uniform has been requested, a smart kilt uniform of either Argyll or Prince Charlie will suffice.
  • Full Military Uniform when specified, will normally include a surcharge for the performer and uniform provider if borrowed.
  • Ensure for band performances the uniforms are matching.
  • Ensure in advance uniform is presentable.
  • Ensure in advance all equipment is in clean and working order.
  • Ensure where possible equipment care is taken to co-ordinate equipment with uniform. (Bags, cords and drums, for example).
  • Spare reeds and other necessary parts should be carried by all performing artists to ensure that bagpipes and drums can still be played if damage or breakages (within reason) occur.  Pipers should carry spare chanter reeds, spare drone reeds, hemp, valves and other parts as deemed necessary.
  • Where a performer is deemed to have overlooked any of these points, or neglected to take adequate precautionary measures, resulting in an affected or ruined performance, the performer will be held responsible for the failure to carry out the booking satisfactorily.  This may result in withholding the performer’s payment, or, at worst, charging the performer in line with any compensatory actions taken by disappointed customers / clients.
  • The artist must ensure equipment that they provide meet all health and safety requirements.
  • Your equipment is your equipment, there is absolutely no reason a client should need to touch your equipment unless previously stated or agreed to by yourself. Our Terms and conditions state: “Equipment is not for customer use, unless previously agreed by ourselves.” You are not obliged to change this by ANYONE, including photographers!

3. Payments & Legal

  • Payment terms vary for each performance, they should be explained beforehand or on instruction sheet.
  • If unsure payment terms, ask us, not the client.
  • If payment isn’t made, don’t worry, we will sort out this on your behalf.
  • We aim to have payments made on or near the day, all payments will be made within a month.
  • If a complaint or claim is made against your, we will recover costs from you as applicable.
  • Performers are self employed and not employees of Piping Services Scotland.
  • The performers accept full responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment, or injury, caused by the performer to either the venue or the client or their
  • Performers are responsible for their own tax and National Insurance.

4. Data Protection 

  • Upon your agreement to provide services, we may occasionally provide a contact number for the purposes of the performance.
  • Any details given to you must only be used for the reason intended, fulfilling the booking detailed. If you have a question regarding the performance, call us, not them.
  • Only use personal contact details in emergency.
  • Destroy all contact details after the performance.
Please remember, customers are the goal of any business. We will support you as necessary, we ask that you give them leniency when possible. Remember these are frequently events they may arrange once in their lifetime.

The behaviour of all performers must be appropriate and a credit to the business as a whole.  Any performer found to be bringing the name of the business into disrepute, or trying to achieve personal gain from a connection made through a Piping Services Scotland link, will have a chance for explanation, then if the behaviour continues they will be removed from the list.

Where appropriate any performers should try to help promote the Piping Services Scotland name and business.  This includes making new contacts and possible business leads, through individuals, other businesses or hotels that may wish to use performers for future performances.  Any performers should inform one of the partners in Piping Services Scotland of any new contacts made and provide any contact details.

Performers should also inform one of the partners of Piping Services Scotland of any problems, issues or payment discrepancies that arise from playing at a performance arranged by or in behalf of Piping Services Scotland.

Finally, and most importantly, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact details are at the bottom of the page. We would like to encourage you to call and discuss these details if at all unsure.

We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with you for everyone involved.

Kind Regards,

Andy, Iain & the Team